Alfa Romeo Spider Information

The addition of two seats was made to the Spider, resulting in the Spider being a four seated with greater practicability. Further changes were made in the early 80s with dark bumpers added to the car, with also a change of grill and spoiler.

The 2000 was introduced in 1970 with another Alfa Romeo Spider variation, the 1300 junior, a refined and smaller entry model. The 17560 and 200 were later improved with the addition of a Kamm tail to reduce drag on the car, the result of extensive wind tunnel experiences.

The new Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 Veloce had no notable cosmetic changes from previous variations of the Spider, due to the aesthetics being (and remaining) very popular. The main alterations to the 1750 Veloce were to the electronics, suspension and braking system. Just like the 1750 Veloce proceeded the Duetto, the 1750 Veloce was finally superseded by the 2000.

Powered with the same 1600cc engine as in the Sprint GTV, producing 109bh with four cylinders, the Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto (as it was commonly known) had a five speed transmission and disc brakes. The framework was lifted from the Giulia 105 series, sporting crumple zones, an innovation for the time. After two years of production of the Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto the car was revised and the 1800cc 1750 Veloce was born and was passed the baton from the Duetto.