Know About Chevrolet Cars

Chevrolet cars are very much popular among the Indian consumers for their charm and performance. The Chevrolet or Chevy, the brand, is the offering from General Motors which was the first automobile manufacturers of India. They rolled the first car from their automobile assembly plant in the year 1928. The first Chevrolet car introduced by this veteran company was the National Series AB Touring with wooden wheels. However, due to some national policies, Chevrolet had to stop its operations in India. Later it made its comeback in 2003. GM introduced Chevrolet cars and it instantly caught the attention of the consumers. Prior to entry of Chevrolet in 2003, GM was in loss. However, Chevrolet totally turned the tables and is still reaping huge profits of GM, If you are interested in having more information about these cars, you can visit online automobile stores. There you can have information about car prices and features.