BMW Is Electric

Key to this configuration is torque, which is available from a standing start and will give uninterrupted acceleration. The battery technology is based on ultra powerful lithium ion cells with an integrated liquid cooling system for ideal operating temperatures. The car can be charged from a domestic power supply system, and can drive 20+ miles on battery power alone. The architecture is known as Life Drive, and is basically a weight efficient layered approach to car design. The lower layer is the Drive section, which encompasses the chassis, battery array, power train, suspension, steering and brakes. The upper layer is the Life section, which is a carbon fiber reinforced plastic passenger cell. This is the first time carbon fiber is being used on a mass-market vehicle, and was developed here in the United States. The two sections are joined by just four bolts and industrial grade adhesive. Using this setup, BMW promises a low center of gravity, perfect 50/50 weight distribution and amazing handling.