Bentley 2014

And not simply because of the incredible speeds it can reach. Designed for those who demand unrestrained luxury alongside uncompromising performance, it delivers the ultimate motoring experience, for driver and passengers alike, Bentley claims the 2014 Flying Spur’s front and rear air springs are 10 and 13 percent softer, respectively, than its predecessor’s. It goes on to say the new model’s front and rear anti roll bars are 13 and 15 percent less starchy. And bushings throughout the suspension are described as anywhere from 25 to 38 percent more flocculent than the outgoing cars.

The 2014 Bentley Flying Spur is a golden ticket into an entirely different plane of luxury. Even if you're accustomed to $100,000 luxosedans, the Spur's swank accoutrements and sybaritic surroundings seem a world away. It's one of the finest vehicles made, when measured by the amount of hand-stitched leather and hand-planed wood applied to its cozy cabin. Drive one, and you've arrived.

The Flying Spur has been a Continental for most of its life, but there's a slight change for the new model and the new model year. Bentley's sold some 20,000 Flying Spurs since 2005, all with that Continental first name. Now, Bentley feels the Flying Spur needs to expand its reach, move out on its own. Hence the slight name change there's no more Continental prefix in its name and a stronger emphasis on a more emphatic look, as well as a suite of infotainment and power train enhancements to match its subtle changes in style.