Be Stylish With a Cadillac Limousine

The Cadillac Limousine is mainly based on popular CTS model, which is selected as the car of the year by Motor Trend Magazine's 2008. Its sleek styling has engine that creates more 300 horsepower. This car is highly modified. Many famous personalities like president have been experiencing this car for more than a century. It is most favorite choice of all car owners. The performance of this car is beyond your expectation.

Cadillac Limousine is having a glass partition separating the passengers from the driving area. There are some modern amenities like branded full wet bars, quality blinking lights and intercom systems. Even the other features include satellite radio, video games consoles and custom upholstery. Restrooms are the part of Cadillac which is fully furnished. In the entertainment system, it has surrounded sound system. The interior is specially based on royal tradition. It has proven to be real eye catcher due to its look.