Classic Bentley Designs

Bentley’s Regional Director for Europe, Guillaume Chabin thanks the readers of the Motor Classic magazine for the award. He also regarded the Continental GT to contain a truly unique blend of luxury, craftsmanship and performance. The timeless design icon makes an eloquent statement not only for today’s customers, but those in the future, building on this success is the new-generation Continental GT, introduced in 2011. Features that were appreciated by Motor Klassik readers includes the latest aluminium Super-Formed front wings, with familiar power lines and rear haunches enhancing the highly distinctive, sculptured appearance of the coupe. Bentley is widening the appeal of the Continental GT family by recently introducing a smaller 4.0-litre V8 engine paired to an eight speed gearbox. However the smaller variant retains typical power, drama and performance expected of a Bentley, the current Continental GT emerged as a design icon with its high styling and craftsmanship paired with a powerful, twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre W12 engine. It perfectly expresses the unrivalled skills of Bentley’s workforce. Under the leadership of Belgium born design director, Dirk van Braeckel, the styling team gained inspiration from the R-Type Continental coupe of the 1950s, The prize was presented at Schloss Dyck in Juchen, Germany on the 20th March to Rolf Frech, member of the Board for Engineering, during the Motor Klassik gala award ceremony. Bentley revealed the Continental GT, at the Paris Motor Show in late 2002 marking a new product range for the Bentley brand, Bentley seems to be hitting the right notes nowadays. Just days ago we presented an article regarding Bentley taking practice runs with its Continental GT family at GoodWood, now the same car has been awarded for its timeless design by a German magazine.