Tulisa Contostavlos

Policy of central London, Scotland Yard, go capture and interrogation of Tulisa Contostavlos do at home which is located in Hertfordshire.
They ask for information about Tulisa could provide cocaine valued at 800 pounds sterling, We have received information about illegal drug items, said a spokesman for Scotland Yard,

Tulisa Contostavlos is a woman who never received his as the most beautiful woman in the world several years ago, beginning as a reporter The Sun posed as a buyer in a hidden tape Tulisa action when they're doing illicit drug supply, the former X Factor judges admitted could have many kinds of illicit drugs with the best quality, Tulisa Contostavlos said know familiar with one of the members of the famous gangster, hopefully Tulisa Contostavlos unconscious after experiencing these adverse events, because at the age of 14 years Tulisa Contostavlos is an idol for many fans.